Welcome to Sunburst Consulting

000001693627SmallSunburst Consulting was founded in 1981 with the goal of blending “old time” independent well site geology with evolved technology and the current tools of the trade. Since then, the company has grown considerably in size and currently employs more than 100 geologists, about a dozen of whom have advanced degrees.

Historically, Sunburst Consulting has worked in most of the basins of the Rocky Mountain region and established a home base in the Williston Basin.

We have provided well site geology services (combining traditional well site geology with adjunct geosteering and gas detection) on over 2500 lateral wellbores through formations including Winnipeg, Red River, Gunton, Interlake, Winnipegosis, Dawson Bay, Marcellus, Duperow, Nisku, Three Forks, Bakken, Lodgepole, multiple members of the Mission Canyon and Ratcliffe, Darwin, Spearfish, Tensleep, Minnelusa, Nugget, Phosphoria, Twin Creek, Frontier, Niobrara, Sussex, Parkman and Teapot.

The current focus of the company is on resource plays where geosteering plays a key role. The coverage area has expanded to include resource plays beyond the Rocky Mountain district. By use of offset log markers, isopach studies, geometry and real time MWD-gamma ray and sample data, well site geologists are able to calculate the TVD landing of a wellbore into the horizontal target and to maximize exposure to the ideal reservoir section. Building on proven methods in the Bakken/ Three Forks play in the Williston Basin, Sunburst Consulting is currently exporting its successful geosteering techniques to the Marcellus and Utica shale plays of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio and to the Niobrara, Frontier and shallower Cretaceous plays of the DJ and Powder River Basins of Wyoming and Colorado.

Geosteering and well site geology (often with adjunct digital chromatography) comprise a major portion of our activities. Most of our recording of data and reporting to our clients is conducted by Internet communications. A Vertical Composite Geology Log, integrating a traditional strip log with petrophysical data, and a Geosteering Log provides documentation of each well we work. A fully illustrated Geology Report is the trademark of the well site geologist’s contribution to each project.