Welcome to Sunburst Consulting


Sunburst Consulting was founded in 1981 with the goal of using cutting edge technology to provide geosteering and well site geology to oil and gas companies in the northern Rockies. Since then, the company has grown considerably and currently works in all Rocky Mountain Basins.

The current focus of the company is on resource plays where geosteering is a critical function. Sunburst has provided consultation on thousands of lateral wellbores through horizons including Winnipeg, Red River, Gunton, Interlake, Winnipegosis, Dawson Bay, Marcellus, Duperow, Nisku, Three Forks, Bakken, Lodgepole, multiple members of the Mission Canyon and Ratcliffe, Darwin, Spearfish, Tensleep, Minnelusa, Nugget, Phosphoria, Twin Creek, Frontier, Niobrara, Sussex, Parkman, Teapot, Burkett/Geneseo, Utica/Point Pleasant Member, Bradford Sandstone, Cyprus, Warsaw and New Albany.

Sunburst can put together a service package that fits your company’s needs.  Services include geosteering (both remote and onsite), well site geology, digital gas detection, research and operations geology services.