Sunburst Consulting places a high priority on safety and it is our goal to have everyone return home in the same condition as when they went to work. We ensure a safer work environment through a written safety program, appropriate regular training and compliance with ISNetworld and PEC Safety industry guidelines. All employees receive PEC Basic with SafeLand endorsement and H2S Clear training before working in the field. Additional training includes Defensive Driving, proper use of PPE, First Aid and operator-specific safety training. Safety emphasis continues onto the job site with Site Specific Safety Assessments, Emergency Action Plans and Job Safety Assessments on each project.

Sunburst Consulting contracts with Axiom Medical Consulting, LLC for employee Injury and accident case management.

Sunburst Consulting is a member of the DISA Exploration & Production Contractors Consortium, and uses DISA as a third party administrator for our substance abuse program.

Sunburst Consulting contracts with ChemTel, Inc. for 24/7/365 support to assure our clients and employees are protected in case of chemical exposures or spills.