Sunburst Consulting places a high priority on safety and it is our goal to have everyone return home in the same condition as when they went to work. We ensure a safer work environment through a written safety program, appropriate regular training and compliance with ISNetworld and PEC Safety industry guidelines. All employees receive SafeLandUSA Basic and H2S Clear training from our in-house Authorized SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic Instructor before working in the field. Additional training includes defensive driving, proper use of PPE, and operator-specific safety training. Safety emphasis continues onto the job site with site-specific safety assessments, emergency action plans and job safety assessments on each project.

Sunburst offers 3rd party SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic and H2S Clear in-person classes from a PEC Learn Authorized Instructor. Please contact us to schedule a class.

Sunburst Consulting is a member of ISNetworld contractor safety management platform.

Sunburst Consulting contracts with Axiom Medical Consulting, LLC for employee Injury and accident case management.

Sunburst Consulting is a member of the DISA Exploration & Production Contractors Consortium, and uses DISA as a third party administrator for our substance abuse program.

Sunburst Consulting contracts with ChemTel, Inc. for 24/7/365 support to assure our clients and employees are protected in case of chemical exposures or spills.

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