Sunburst Consulting, Inc. employs geologists to work on oil rigs in the western United States. This is a unique opportunity to have a seat in the front row of the oil and gas industry and to apply geology in an exciting field where new technology is evolving rapidly. In horizontal drilling applications, the well site geologist works closely with their counterpart at the operator’s office. As part of a larger team of engineers and drillers at the drill site, the well site geologist uses all the tools and methods at his/her disposal to determine the true vertical depth of the target over the course of the lateral from first landing in the target through the total measured depth at the end of the well.

Sunburst is always willing to discuss current possibilities from qualified applicants.  


Sample logging and creation of interpreted geologic logs for vertical and horizontal wells, incorporating geophysical log analysis and LWD data.

Geosteering of horizontal wells utilizing sample, gas, drilling and LWD data and close communication with well site (office) steering team.

Daily reporting to client via phone and email of project details.

Consultation with client and well site professionals regarding geologic data and interpretations, including geosteering function.

Submission of written, comprehensive geologic evaluation for each project.

Rig up/down and maintenance of gas detection equipment.

Promote a safe work environment and ensure safety compliance under Sunburst and client guidelines.

Supervision of one to two well site geologists including mentoring/training and appraisal of performance.

Supervision and quality check of geophysical logging operations.

Supervision and assistance with coring operations.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Geosciences and/or relevant experience.

Ideal candidates should be highly motivated, possess initiative, and be attentive to details. One should be proficient in technical writing, an excellent communicator with the ability to interact in a diverse team environment, possess advanced problem solving skills and have the ability to manage time effectively in a fast paced work setting.



Benefits include paid medical/dental/vision insurance, work related insurance, long term disability insurance and 401(k).


Compensation is negotiable, dependent on experience, education, performance and market conditions. Advancement is possible.

Sunburst Consulting, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity and E-Verify employer.


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