Chris Belback


Chris was born in Warrenton, VA and grew up in the Virginia Beach area. After high school, Chris attended Virginia Tech. After a brief stint in the chemistry department Chris decided he loved rocks and made the best major change that he could. He moved into the illustrious Virginia Tech Geosciences department. Chris graduated in 2003 with a B.S. in Geology then he decided to bum around Blacksburg, VA for a bit and worked as a shift manager at a Taco Bell and also delivered pizzas. This pizza delivery job led him to meet a fellow geologist who got a job as a contract well site geologist for Sunburst Consulting. In March of 2005 Chris made the move to Montana with his future wife to start this line of work as well. In January of 2011, Chris took a job as a Senior Geologist with Sunburst, which put him in the office a bit more, and allowed him more time at home with his wife Mary. Chris is currently working on keeping Sunburst in the forefront of technology and integrating geosteering software into Sunburst’s well site and remote steering systems. In his free time Chris can be seen playing ice hockey or curling, rocking on the guitar, or maybe just hanging out around the house with his and Mary’s first and only child, Cece.