Willie Thomas

Born in San Rafael, California, Willie was on the move at an early age. By the age of two he had settled in Billings, Montana with his parents, and by four he was frequently found thirty or more feet up in any tall tree he could find. By seven, Willie had scaled the rimrocks above town and at ten he was biking to all of the local gravel pits in search of the perfect skipping stone. He attended various Billings public schools, graduating in 1979 from Billings Senior High School. He then attended the University of Montana, where he graduated with a BA in English in the spring of 1985. After college Willie settled down to work at Kinko’s, where he worked for 15 years. Sunburst Consulting’s founder, John Gillespie, recruited him. Sunburst Consulting needed someone with printing industry experience and an editor’s eye to spearhead the production side of the business, so Willie was sent out into the oil patch to learn the business of well-site geology. After six years sitting wells in the Williston, Powder River and DJ basins, he migrated to the office, where he edits, proofs and assembles well evaluations and geology logs. In addition to production, Willie also heads the safety department where he trains new employees in oil field safety and makes sure veteran employees stay focused on safe work practices. Willie spends his free time hanging out with his wife and daughter and occasionally smacking a little white ball around a huge green pasture.