Onsite Geosteering

Our geology team works closely with other onsite service companies to make effective steering decisions. Geologists from Sunburst Consulting, Inc. consider multiple factors such as gamma signatures, MWD-survey data, sample cuttings, hydrocarbon shows, penetration rates, isopach data and offset logs when making steering proposals, guiding directional drillers’ efforts, and adjusting for dip changes and faults. Daily reports include the percentage of exposure to the target, formation dip rate, hydrocarbon shows, basic drilling data, and highly detailed geosteering logs.  Our reports can be customized to your specifications and preferences.

Remote Geosteering

Using various steering platforms, Sunburst’s remote geosteerers will use gamma ray and other LWD data to correlate to offset logs and calculate formation dip. All remote geosteerers have steered wells from the rig site and have knowledge of rig activities and processes. Daily reports will include the percentage of exposure to the target, formation dip rate, wellbore placement in relation to the target, and target line adjustments.  Other information can be added at clients request.  A final geosteering evaluation is created when the well reaches total depth. This report will include trends seen in gamma, ROP or gas data that can help keep the wellbore in the targeted pay zone for future wells.