Geosteering is a perfect expression of Geology – a synthesis of science and art. It demands an understanding of sedimentary systems, stratigraphy, structural geology and the ability to spatially visualize the subsurface. Add simple trigonometry, an experience-based understanding of drilling tools and ‘gut feeling’ and you have the basics of geosteering. Sunburst provided some of the first geosteering consultation, cutting our teeth on thin porosity targets and bounding geohazards in the Williston basin. We’ve been able to successfully apply this skill set to basins around the country. Our expectation is 100% in target zone on every well.

Well Site Geosteering

Our geology teams work closely with other onsite service professionals to make effective steering decisions around-the-clock in real time. Sunburst geologists consider multiple variables including MWD survey and gamma ray data, rock cuttings, hydrocarbon shows, drill rates, isopach data and offset logs when making steering proposals, guiding directional drillers’ efforts and adjusting for dip changes and faults. Daily reports include percentage exposure to the target, apparent formation dip, hydrocarbon shows, basic drilling data and highly detailed geosteering logs. Reporting is fully customizable to client specifications.

Remote Geosteering

Our remote geosteering team uses multiple software platforms to steer wells from our Remote Operations Center in Billings, Montana. Sunburst geosteerers have all steered wells from the rig site and have knowledge of well site activities and processes. Reporting is fully customizable to client preference and designed to provide information relevant to active steering and hazard avoidance. Final reports provide timely information to help with completion refinements and overall asset development. We can match a remote geosteering team to cover weekends, nights, single wells or a multi-rig drilling program.


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