For nearly two years NPE used Sunburst Consulting on 18 of our horizontal wells in the Williston Basin. They did a fine job, provided a high quality of service, experienced well site geologists, and continuity of personnel. I highly recommend Sunburst Consulting and will use their services again when the need arises.

David Skari, Geologist, North Plains Energy, LLC

I have been drilling wells for about 28 years and have worked in many basins and several countries. I have been using Sunburst Consulting on most wells I have drilled in the last three years, and most of those have been horizontal wells. I have never used a wellsite service company that comes close to the quality or professionalism of Sunburst. They have top notch, technically adept employees and good management. Having them onsite is like being there yourself. Their wellsite deliverables and final reports are unsurpassed. I won’t use anyone else on my important wells.

R. Scott McCleery, Sr. Geologist, Petroleum Development Corporation.

I have been using Sunburst for more than 20 years and probably more than 100 wells. Together we’ve seen more than a few miles of vertical and horizontal section. With Sunburst I have always gotten consistent, reliable, and accurate wellsite reporting, analysis, and evaluation. Their people are well trained, well-equipped, and eager to learn what the client wants, and meet their expectations. The Sunburst wellsite reports have evolved to cover all the bases from the most basic well data, expanding to include sample photos, print screens of detail gas shows, horizontal lateral plats and more .The management team, starting with John and Wayne (with new additions), provide senior oversight with many years of comprehensive experience. I always feel my wells are in good hands with Sunburst on the job.

Jerry Mayer, Zavanna/Consulting Geologist

Nance Petroleum and St. Mary Land & Exploration Company have been associated with Sunburst for well over 20 years. We have found them to be extremely conscientious and professional in all regards. Consistent, detailed monitoring at the wellsite and effective communication to our office has been a standard. Staying in target is one the biggest challenges in horizontal drilling today and we have found Sunburst does an exemplary job.

Bob Bachman, Sr. Geologist, St. Mary land & Exploration Co.

The personnel of Sunburst Consulting have been an integral part of our Bakken drilling operations team since the inception of the program in 2007. Sunburst has supplied knowledgable, well trained personnel who have delivered consistent, high quality geosteering and wellsite geological services in support of our efforts. Simply put, they arrive on schedule, their equipment functions, they meld smoothly into our team and their product (logs, communication and EOWR’s) is consistently high quality.

Randal L Billingsley, Chief Geologist, Tracker Resource Development, LLC

Sunburst and your wellsite guys have always done a great job for us and I am happy to write a few sincere lines about their work for us. Drilling horizontal laterals requires a high level of geologic expertise and supervision. The ability to geosteer a drill bit and stay in a 5-foot zone a mile underground is a technological capability that still amazes me. Success is dependent on the MWD technicians, the directional drillers and the geologists making accurate interpretations, all working together. I’ve depended on Sunburst for the past several horizontal wells I’ve drilled. We have a great working relationship and I have confidence in their ability. Their reports and presentations are very professional. They’ve done a good job for us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Pat Lemke, Exploration Geologist, Ballard Petroleum


Oasis Petroleum’s experience with Sunburst for the past two years has been excellent. We have operated fourteen horizontal wells with both Madison and Bakken/Three Forks objectives in Montana and North Dakota with Sunburst providing the geo-consulting services. Their equipment has performed flawlessly and their staff actively participated in all of the critical targeting and navigating decisions. The interpretations from the field are always backed up with solid data and many spirited discussions take place in making critical decisions. We are convinced that their dedication and communication skills with both the office and on location averted many lost days of drilling and sidetracks. We recommend all company geologists spend some time on location with the Sunburst hands. When we do we always come back well impressed with the integration of knowledge and skill that we witness. If you care about the targeting and evaluation of your well you will be pleased to find out how much they care about each wellbore.

Bob Candito, geologist, Oasis Petroleum

You may or may not be aware of the wellsite geoscientists we have used in Bakken from the beginning, but they are interested in taking on more of Marathon’s work if there’s a need. Sunburst Consulting (John Gillespie) has done a great job in monitoring the long (2 mile) laterals and were a part of improving the overall efficiency in reducing drilling days from 60 days/well down to ~20/well. (And the wells have stayed in our skinny little target zone for ~100% of their length.) If you have the need, please contact John at the e-mail address shown in his note. Dave Stone and David Brimberry know John’s team well and can give you additional information about their capabilities.

John Sullivan, Bakken Asset Manager, Marathon

I have used Sunburst Consulting for over 25 years. Their well site work has always been very accurate and thoughtful. They have excelled at the important tasks of sample description and gas detection, but just as importantly, they have been able to relate these data to the well and prospect. Their communication was exemplary; both with the office and the well site team. I can’t imagine who else I would use to guide my lateral wells through the thin and subtle pays in the Williston Basin.

Tom Sperr, geologist, Prima Exploration

Sunburst Consulting has, for more than 20 years, worked on many wells I have been closely involved with in the Williston Basin. I recommend them without reservation, as I have always found their well-site services to be professionally and conscientiously performed.

Ken Altschuld, oil-finder

I have had the pleasure of working on 33 laterals with Sunburst over the past few years. Their geologists are technically proficient, hard-working, and easy to get along with. Long days, late night calls, and a hectic pace never impact the quality or timeliness of their work. As a young geologist fresh out of school, I learned so much from my Sunburst counterparts (e.g., geosteering fundamentals, rig operations, and treating the rig crew to pizza). They were mentors in all aspects of my job.

Kelli Randall, geologist, Haynesville play, Marathon Oil Company

I was very pleased with Bo & Wayne at Sunburst Consulting. Their services on this well were excellent and I am looking forward to working with Sunburst again.

Alan Smith, Geologist Appalachian district, Petroleum Development Corporation

Thanks again for the excellent work! We are really impressed and appreciative of the target proposals at site. We benefit from the scope and detail of the final reports that Sunburst’s geologists provide! We appreciate that you give a dam! We anticipate a long, continuing and beneficial relationship with Sunburst Consulting!

Mike Everts , Sr. Asset Geologist, N.A., Halliburton: Red Technology Alliance